Two Oceans Turtle Release 2018
Each and every year a number of sub-adult sea turtles wash up along the southern coastline of South Africa. Out of their temperature depth, these young turtles would perish if not for the intervention that the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town provides.
The aquarium takes in the young turtles and places them in a strict rehab and training program. The young turtles need to be strong & healthy in order to be ready for the annual release date. 
Occasionally bigger turtles make their way into the program and 2018 saw Sandy, a longstanding rehab program participant & exhibit turtle, released back into the big blue. 
She was fitted with a GPS tracker, providing valuable information to scientists at the aquarium who track her movements closely.

This is a trailer for the turtle programs work, a full piece to be released later in 2019. 
Producer & Videographer: Devin Trull
Filmed for : Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters
Release hosted by Two Oceans Aquarium
Camera: Canon 80D 

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