#Bred4theWild in Black & White

I am a conservationist, and I work by spreading awareness through still and moving imagery.

For the last 2 months I have been working on a project very close to my heart.

There is a species of vulture in Southern Africa that is on the brink of extinction and very few people know anything about them. They are beautiful creatures, and they desperately desperately need our help & attention.

Bearded Vultures or Lammergeiers, face threats from multiple directions and their numbers are declining rapidly! With less than 400 wild birds remaining, they need all the help & support they can get!

This selection of images were taken while working on the project in the Lesotho high and lowlands. 

All works are my own. 

These are my hands holding a Bearded Vulture egg that we harvested but was infertile

It has been such a privilege exploring these mountainous homes of the bearded vulture with a crew that is so passionately involved with saving their species!
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